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Fleet Tax Guide

2023 to present - Website

The Fleet Tax Guide is a taxation support tool for fleet managers to find important legislation in an ever-changing British economy. We have partnered with many leaders in the UK vehicle sector to provide this guide free for all readers. 


2021 to present - iOS and Android App

Gensen is a tax and software consultant in the automotive industry. Their software offers industry-leading tax and sales calculations focused on speed and accuracy for OEMs, leasing companies and brokers. Gensen is an industry-leading calculator for drivers to find their favourite vehicle at one of the most competitive prices on the market. 

Happy Drivers

2021 to present - iOS and Android App

The Happy Drivers app is developed as a tool for drivers of Ogilvie Fleet to support them with all their driving needs. From looking up their maintenance dates and guides on what to do in an emergency, to finding the nearest utilities and gas or charging stations to get the drivers back on the road. 


2022 to present - Website

Clearwater is a leading waste disposal and management company in the heart of Glasgow. They continuously improve the environment and support local authorities.


2021 to present - Website

MiNextEV by Ogilvie Fleet is a product for the public that Ogilvie Fleet provides free of charge to guide the general public and inform them of the benefits of electric vehicles. This in-depth guide of vehicles is one of the only sources to that provides such breadth of data. Check out the new vehicles coming to market today.

Ogilvie Fleet

2021 to present - Website

Ogilvie Fleet is a British fleet management and leasing company. Ogilvie Fleet primarily specializes in providing vehicle leasing and fleet management services to businesses and organizations in the United Kingdom. They offer a range of services related to vehicle acquisition, maintenance, and management, helping their clients effectively manage their fleets of cars and commercial vehicles.


Freelance Projects.


2020 to present - Website

VisitSeeDo aims to be the online source for all entertainment in Scotland. From bars and pubs to game nights and pantomimes, people of all ages can find something they like in VisitSeeDo!

Base Metal Roofing

2020 to present - Website

Base Metal Roofing specialise in the traditional or contemporary installation of roofing and cladding systems using Zinc, Copper, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Lead.


2020 to 2021 - Website

The SMYLE Study website is dedicated to understanding the difficulties involved with young people's mental health in Scotland and how it can be improved. The website is made up of an online chat forum and questionnaire where young people can seek help from their peers and institutions dedicated to mental health. 


2019 to 2021 - iOS and Android App (Archived)

Munch is a food lover's best friend. Using your phone, you can discover new and interesting recipes tailored to your food preferences. Based on the food you already have at home, the app will save you money each time you cook. Due to high costs of maintenance, this project has been archived. To learn more about the project, please visit the site below. 

Same Coach

2020 - Website

Focused on self-improvement, mindfulness and meditation the Same team helps you develop the best parts of yourself. As a trained life coach team, they help individuals navigate their present life to help them advance to their future lives. Their focus is bringing awareness to help people see themselves in the world and how the world sees them. They boost an individual’s consciousness to speak clearly on the matter that is blocking forward progress in a particular part of life.