Live projects.

Base Metal Roofing

2020 - Website

Base Metal Roofing specialise in the traditional or contemporary installation of roofing and cladding systems using Zinc, Copper, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Lead.


2020 - Website

The SMYLE Study website is dedicated to understanding difficulties involved with young people's mental health in Scotland and how it can be improved. The website is made up of an online chat forum and questionnaire where young people can seek help from their peers and institutions dedicated to mental health.


2019 - iOS and Android App

Munch is a food lovers best friend. Using your phone, you can discover new and interesting recipes tailored to your food preferences. Based on the food you already have at home, the app will save you money each time you cook. Click the link below to sign up and become a beta tester.

Same Coach

2020 - Website

Focused on self-improvement, mindfulness and meditation the Same team help you develop the best parts of yourself. As a trained life coach team, they help individuals navigate their present life to help them advance to their future life. Their focus is bringing awareness to help people see themselves in the world and how the world sees them. They boost individual’s consciousness to speak clearly on the matter that is blocking forward progress in a particular part of life.