My Impact

Being a software developer is much more than coding.

My passion for development ignited at the tender age of 9 when I successfully compiled my first project on Small Basic. However, as I've matured, my perspective has expanded beyond mere coding. I now recognize the need to consider the broader context and contemplate how I can make a meaningful impact on both my community and the world at large. Below, you will find insights into my unwavering commitment to effecting positive change and the proactive measures I am actively pursuing to enhance my contributions.

The environment

This website is carbon-negative. I am proud to support over 40 projects worldwide that are actively reducing carbon emissions. See how we do this by visiting our carbon-removal partner, Stripe (opens in a new tab).

I'm deeply committed to preserving our environment, and I approach sustainability in multiple ways. First, I've been vegetarian for over 5 years, understanding how it reduces carbon emissions, resource use and cruelty to animals compared to meat-based diets. Second, I've gone paperless in both my personal and professional life, choosing digital options to cut down on paper waste and protect forests.

I've switched to carbon-neutral energy sources to lessen my carbon footprint and support renewable energy. Not only by opting for local energy sources and offsetting my emissions but also by making deliberate choices in selecting platforms and services that actively reduce and offset their environmental footprint. These choices come from my genuine concern for the environment and my belief that we all share a responsibility to protect our planet for future generations.

Social causes

I have had the privilege of being raised bilingually across various countries and receiving an exceptional education. As I have now completed my advanced academic pursuits and am advancing in my professional journey, I aspire to offer constructive feedback, valuable guidance and impart knowledge to fellow software developers who may not have had similar opportunities. Consequently, I have committed to a monthly volunteer engagement within the vicinity of Glasgow, extending mentorship and coaching to underrepresented minority groups, facilitated through the auspices of stands as an exemplary platform, dedicated to empowering minority students through immersive workshops. I wholeheartedly endorse their services, particularly for those embarking on their software development journey. I encourage you to explore their offerings and consider participating in the upcoming Glasgow-based workshop scheduled every month.

Open source

I hold the belief that open-source developers are the often unheralded champions of the technology industry and warrant recognition for their invaluable contributions to software development. Whenever I have the opportunity, I endeavour to bolster these developer communities. For instance, I've extended my support to Umami Analytics, an open-source analytics tool, and actively engage in Discord communities for Gatsby and Framer, offering assistance to developers seeking guidance. Furthermore, I make it a point to address inquiries posted on Stack Overflow and GitHub Discussions, providing comprehensive support, constructive comments, and valuable resources to help resolve issues faced by others in the developer community.