An app that will revolutionise how we connect with our food.

Munch is now ready for testing!

Thank you for testing Munch. We are so happy to have you on board.

App Features

Suggested Recipes

Through time using the app, Munch learns your favourite foods and your biggest dislikes. It provides you a recommendation of foods such as breakfasts or lunches to keep you going through the day.

Auto-Add Food

With the power of machine learning, you can scan your groceries, shopping list and kitchen to automatically add food to 'My Kitchen'.

My Kitchen

This is your mobile inventory of all your food. Keep track of your stock levels and see when food quantities get low.

How does the beta community work?

1. Sign up to the beta tester programme

2. Let us know how you are getting on

3. Help us build something life changing

4. And have fun!

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Become a Beta Tester for the Munch App

Munch is a recipe app that helps you manage food you have in your kitchen in addition to providing delicious recipes tailored to your liking. Use this once in a lifetime opportunity to get FREE premium access to Munch and make tedious food management a thing of the past.

Becoming a beta tester for Munch not only provides you with free premium access to all content, but also allows you to be part of the Munch community: a community of food lovers from vegans to carnivores. The community allows people like you to inspire others to cook at home and pioneer a future of good food.


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